Samsung Galaxy Beam – Projector Phone

HOW TO: Transparent Screen for your Android Phone

Android: Have you ever typed or read on your smartphone while walking at the same time (be honest)? For those occasions, Transparent Screen can help you out by showing you what’s right in front of you while you use your phone as usual.

To use the app, simply hit the button to start it and make your screen transparent. You can customize the transparency level and adjust the resolution, as well as rotate the camera image.


Disney Smartphones

It’s hardly been a week since we saw the release of Disney’s waterproof smartphone and DoCoMo’s Chocolate smartphone and there’s a product of their collaboration hitting store shelves. Disney Mobile on DoCoMo F-08D and P-05D Androids handsets were recently announced which is an outcome of the collaboration of Disney and NTT DoCoMo. Both the phones are water-proof and dustproof, out of which the DoCoMo F-08D is the creamier one, flaunting a 4.3 inch HD TFT LCD display and a resolution of 720 x 1,280p. Its sleek… [CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING]