Tetris Leggings

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Logitec LDT-1Si01: Watch live TV on your iPhone or iPad

iPad owners looking to add a little live TV to their Apple tablet might be interested in this new TV tuner which has been unveiled and lunched by Logitec called the LDT-1Si01.

The new iOS LDT-1Si01 tuner will be arriving in Japan later this month and lets you view One-seg satellite programming on the iPad and iPod. Unfortunately at the moment it doesn’t support Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone 4S. [CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING]

The ugly side of Angry Birds

Did you know that? I had no idea! Fuck, I feel like I missed out on something…


A Wall Street Journal post from two years ago shows a list of apps that gather your data and what they do with them. Angry Birds not only collects your contacts — it transfers them to third parties.