HOW TO: Control Your Dreams With Your iPhone

A Japanese smartphone app lets you maximize the time you spend every night sleeping. Yumemiru takes the self-help craze of the ’90s to new scientific heights by leveraging the bundle of sensors in your smartphone. The app utilizes microphones to detect when you’re in REM sleep, the point in the night when you begin dreaming and also the moment when you are most susceptible to suggestion.

The free app has eight different scenarios to choose from, including a walk in the forest, getting rich, flying and for those romantically disposed, a scenario that stimulates dreams of love tailored for both men and women. After selecting the type of dream you want to drift off into, the app runs in the background and detects the time passed before you go into REM sleep.

Once you’ve entered REM sleep, the soundtrack begins to stimulate your dreams. What strikes us as most interesting is the addition of frictionless sharing; encouraging users to share their dreams via social media is a nice way to get people’s dreams to stick with them throughout the day (ask any lucid dreamer!), which is an age-old mind-hack that helps the dream ‘stick.’ It’s this feature that could be most useful for making this app a genuinely useful tool for innovative thinking.

Logitec LDT-1Si01: Watch live TV on your iPhone or iPad

iPad owners looking to add a little live TV to their Apple tablet might be interested in this new TV tuner which has been unveiled and lunched by Logitec called the LDT-1Si01.

The new iOS LDT-1Si01 tuner will be arriving in Japan later this month and lets you view One-seg satellite programming on the iPad and iPod. Unfortunately at the moment it doesn’t support Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone 4S. [CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING]

HOW TO: Transparent Screen for your Android Phone

Android: Have you ever typed or read on your smartphone while walking at the same time (be honest)? For those occasions, Transparent Screen can help you out by showing you what’s right in front of you while you use your phone as usual.

To use the app, simply hit the button to start it and make your screen transparent. You can customize the transparency level and adjust the resolution, as well as rotate the camera image.