Geek Homes: Over-Sized MakeUp Furniture

The Amazing Spider-Man Nail Polish by OPI

Kiss by Hello Kitty

DEAL: 80% off Makeup Palettes and Brushes

Fine brush sets and makeup palettes, starting at $3.50. I’m going crazy over here, this is an amazing deal… click here for more!

Barbie Photo Fashion

The doll will be officially unveiled at the upcoming New York Toy Fair and it’ll cost about $50.

Kitty iPhone Cases

Kiki Cat iPhone Case

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Disney Smartphones

It’s hardly been a week since we saw the release of Disney’s waterproof smartphone and DoCoMo’s Chocolate smartphone and there’s a product of their collaboration hitting store shelves. Disney Mobile on DoCoMo F-08D and P-05D Androids handsets were recently announced which is an outcome of the collaboration of Disney and NTT DoCoMo. Both the phones are water-proof and dustproof, out of which the DoCoMo F-08D is the creamier one, flaunting a 4.3 inch HD TFT LCD display and a resolution of 720 x 1,280p. Its sleek… [CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING]