Haute Cosplay: Animadress

Haute Cosplay: Princess Jasmine

meijii as Princess Jasmine

TRON Light Disc Audio Dock by Monster®

Imagination is now reality. Combining Disney’s design and Monster® engineering, the two collaborated to integrate the world’s first visualizer iPhone/iPod app with high definition sound and the visceral LED Light Drive System-controlled effects creating a total immersion of light and sound. The result is an unprecedented audio experience that captivates both music lovers and Tron fans. Welcome to The Grid. $100-$300 

Disney Smartphones

It’s hardly been a week since we saw the release of Disney’s waterproof smartphone and DoCoMo’s Chocolate smartphone and there’s a product of their collaboration hitting store shelves. Disney Mobile on DoCoMo F-08D and P-05D Androids handsets were recently announced which is an outcome of the collaboration of Disney and NTT DoCoMo. Both the phones are water-proof and dustproof, out of which the DoCoMo F-08D is the creamier one, flaunting a 4.3 inch HD TFT LCD display and a resolution of 720 x 1,280p. Its sleek… [CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING]