Haute Cosplay: R2D2 Ballerina

Geek Homes: Over-Sized MakeUp Furniture

Haute Cosplay: Animadress

Pet Clothing by Marvel Comics

Marvel has partnered with Fetch to develop a line of clothing for dogs

Kiss by Hello Kitty

DEAL: 80% off Makeup Palettes and Brushes

Fine brush sets and makeup palettes, starting at $3.50. I’m going crazy over here, this is an amazing deal… click here for more!

Kitty iPhone Cases

Kiki Cat iPhone Case

As seen on Strapya-World.com

ETSY: Charlie Hearts Diesel Canine Couture

Knitted Scarf For Dogs

Seen on CharlieHeartsDiesel.com

Cute Bandages That Explain What Happened

Disney Smartphones

It’s hardly been a week since we saw the release of Disney’s waterproof smartphone and DoCoMo’s Chocolate smartphone and there’s a product of their collaboration hitting store shelves. Disney Mobile on DoCoMo F-08D and P-05D Androids handsets were recently announced which is an outcome of the collaboration of Disney and NTT DoCoMo. Both the phones are water-proof and dustproof, out of which the DoCoMo F-08D is the creamier one, flaunting a 4.3 inch HD TFT LCD display and a resolution of 720 x 1,280p. Its sleek… [CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING]