Funny Book: Dump Him, Marry The Cat!

Penis Leggings: Hot or Not?



High Heels Made from Real Birds

German designer Iris Shieferstein created heels made from real doves

Perfume Bottle Necklace

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table: Fully Functional

Found on Etsy!

Michael Lau “Zex” Gardener: Terry Richardson Toy

Jordan Son of Mars: Pop Art Edition

Inflatable Unicorn Horn

As seen on

The Half Graffiti Hotel Room by Tilt

Half Graffiti Hotel Room: Au Vieux Panier Hotel (Marseille, France) in partnership with graffiti artist Tilt. 

Test-tube chandeliers

By physicist and chemist Marie Skłodowska-Curie. Called the Maria S.C., the chandelier can be lowered and adjusted as per your preferences.